About Us

Located in the heart of Swiss Jura, historical area of high precision mechanics and micro-technology industries, Willemin-Macodel Ltd has acquired more than 35 years experience in developing high precision machines tools in order to meet customers' requirements.
Our position among the leaders in  multi-process machining is built on a strong experience  and on the willingness to offer high-performance solutions to our partners.

Our complete mastery of the machines production cycle, starting with their development till their commissioning at customer's facilities and the follow-up of the customer service allow us to anticipate the needs of the market and to suggest customized and innovative solutions.

Our aim is to find machining solutions of high quality and is built on the following principles :

- High precision
- Productivity
- Reliability
- Innovation
- Avant-garde technology
- Turnkey solution machining


The know-how of our 200 collaborators allow us to propose machine-tools dedicated to the various industrial sectors in which we are active since many years. The Willemin-Macodel's subsidiaries ensure a great proximity with the market and a fast and appropriate service to our customer's requirements. 

Machining technologies :

Machining centers :
- 3 to 6 axes individual part milling
- 5 to 6 axes bar stock milling
- 5 to 8 axes bar stock milling/turning

Gang tool lathes :
- 3 or 4 axes front turning with milling spindles


Main applications and sectors :
- Watch industry / Jewelry
- Medical / Dental
- Aviation / Aerospace
- Complex shape molds
- Micro-engineering
- Connector technology