Text Box: Custom solutions

Customized high technology  

Innovation and technology
Thanks to a well-established know-how and to a capacity of innovation, Willemin-Macodel develops machining centers which meets the most demanding needs as to the accuracy and quality. Our machine-tools are equipped with devices requiring the last technologies. Their state of the art concept shows the innovative spirit and the ability to develop new machining solutions for the production of high value added components.

Turnkey machining solutions
We consider all our customers' enquiries and specific needs and we offer customized machining solutions on the basis of technical specifications the concept of our machining centers, our flexibility and our technical knowledge allow us to reply quickly to such needs, with tested technical solutions.

Willemin-Macodel offers a complete range of services, from the machining feasibility up to the commissioning of the machines at customers' factories, while ensuring the services support for an optimal use of the machines :


- Customized needs study, geometry of the part and kinematic of the machine
- Machining process development and cutting tools' advices
- Cutting trials on customer's part on the basis of technical specifications
- Adaptation of automation systems for parts, blanks or bars loading and unloading
- Customers' training in programming and use of the machines
- Installation of the machines and their peripherals at customers' plant
- Service call ensured in Switzerland and abroad by our subsidiaries and our agents' network
- Preventive maintenance contract available

Technical support
- A constant technical support is ensured by Willemin-Macodel so that customers take
  advantage in an optimal way of the production equipment :
- Validation of the machining strategy
- Optimization of the machining procedures
- Support for setting-up
- Additional training
- Adaptations of machines at customers' plants, according to the new production needs

These services are realized by a multidisciplinary team trained in latest technology